This is a book that can be read in the Library by selecting it from the Library Globe.

There exist two spells that can be commanded only by those in whom the blood of Arganan runs thick.

Because they are intended to protect the awesome power that is the Outsider, they may only be invoked in the presence of one who bears the Outsider’s mark.

The first of these spells serves to protect others from harm by surrounding their bodies with magic.

Known as “Ancient Barrier”, this spell can protect its targets from any form of attack. The power to protect one’s comrades is a great blessing indeed.

The second of these spells calls upon the power of a Sentinel Beast, one of the twin dragons charged with the protection of the Outsider.

However, strict conditions must be met in order to perform this spell. Most notably, the caster must earn the recognition of the Sentinel Beast to be summoned and it may only be called forth in a situation worth of doing so.

So that the Sentinel Beast shall not be summoned needlessly, use of this power will only be permitted during times of great crisis, in which the human power of the Arganan family is insufficient.

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